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The fileServersNG module replaces the file servers subsystem that ships as part of the standard Alfresco Content Management System with a new subsystem that is based on the JFileServer file server code enabling support for the newer SMB2 and SMB3 protocols.

The fileServersNG subsystem is configured in the same way as the original subsystem using configuration properties. The fileServersNG subsystem uses the 'smb' prefix for the SMB properties and 'ftpng' for the FTP properties so that they do not clash with the existing file servers subsystem properties.

There are Docker images available with Alfresco 5.2, 6.0 and 6.1 installations with the fileServersNG file servers subsystem deployed. For details of how to get the Docker images and configure them see the FileSys.Org Wiki.

Details of how to build the various fileServersNG AMPs are also available on the FileSys.Org Wiki.


To enable the JFileServer Enterprise add-on within the fileServersNG file server subsystem a licence key is required. The fileServersNG Docker images contain a free to use 25 client licence.

Licence keys are sold depending on the number of clients that will connect to the file server. The initial licence fee includes 12 months email support. The price list is shown below, for higher key sizes email

Key Size Price (US$) Support (Year 2 onwards, US$)

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