Using the fileServersNG Docker Images

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The following Docker images are available that contain Alfresco server installations with the fileServersNG file servers subsystem deployed :-

Image Description
filesysorg/alfresco-fileserversng-v5 Alfresco 5.2 server with the fileServersNG subsystem deployed, using an embedded PostGreSQL database server, includes Share

The fileServerNG Docker image needs a number of paths mapping to the host system using volume mapping in order to persist the Alfresco state when the container is stopped/removed. The following volume mappings are available :-

Image Path Description
/content The main Alfresco content store with the raw data files
/alfresco/alf_data The Alfresco database data tables, key store and SOLR data
/alfresco/tomcat/logs The Tomcat server logs including catalina.out
/alfresco/tomcat/shared/classes/license Location of the JFileServer licence file, required to enable the JFileServer Enterprise features