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JFileServer provides a number of file server protocols with the core server handling all of the protocol exchange with the client.

The SMB server component provides Windows networking support via the SMB1 protocol, also known as CIFS. This allows a client to map a drive, or remote path, and use the files and folders on it as if they were local.

The Enterprise add-on module provides the newer SMB2 protocol for more efficient access and higher performance, and also the SMB3 protocol which encrypts all traffic to prevent snooping and relay attacks.

The FTP server component provides standard FTP and FTP over SSL access to the virtual filesystems using any FTP client.

The NFS server component provides NFS v2 and v3 access to the virtual filesystems.

The JFileServer contains various base classes and supporting classes for implementing a file server so more protocols can be added that use the same virtual filesystem interfaces.

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