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Network Protocols

SMB1/CIFS, FTP/FTPS and NFS are the currently supported protocols.

The Enterprise add-on provides support for SMB2 and SMB3. With hardware acceleration available for SMB3 encryption/decryption.

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Virtual Filesystems

Create a custom filesystem with the core server providing all of the network protocol support.

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Database Filesystems

Store filesystem metadata in a database, and optionally the file data. Includes smart caching, data compression and data integrity checking.

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Using asynchronous socket I/O, thread pools and memory pools the server can handle thousands of concurrent connections.

File servers can be clustered with distributed locking and file access support, using Hazelcast as the underlying cluster technology.


The file server can be run via a Docker image, with pre-built images available on the Docker Hub for various starting configurations.

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The project is split into a number of components that are available from Maven Central for easy inclusion in your own projects.

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Source code for the open source projects is available on GitHub.

For a brief history of the JFileServer project click here

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