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JFileServer Enterprise

The JFileServer Enterprise add-on provides a number of extra features useful in a larger network setup.

The Enterprise add-on provides SMB2 and SMB3 protocol support. SMB2 is a more efficient version of the original SMB protocol with higher performance, and SMB3 provides full encryption for all SMB traffic to prevent snooping and relay attacks.

The JFileServer Enterprise component is available via Maven from the FileSys.Org repository, see here for details.

A JFileServer Enterprise Docker image is available that can be used to test the file server in your environment, or you can extend the Docker image with your own configuration. Details of how to use the JFileServer Enterprise Docker image are available on the FileSys.Org Wiki.


The JFileServer Enterprise add-on requires a licence key. The JFileServer Enterprise Docker image contains a free to use 10 client licence. Request the free to use licence key for a standalone JFileServer Enterprise installation by emailing

Licence keys are sold depending on the number of clients that will connect to the file server. The initial licence fee includes 12 months email support. For pricing contact with the licence size required.

OEM licencing is also available to allow embedding of the JFileServer Enterprise code in your own products.

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