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The JFileServer file server and various add-ons such as Enterprise or the database filesystems can be run via a Docker image.

The simplest setup is to use a single container to run a JFileServer image and make the required protocol ports available to the host system. Such as using the sample Java NIO based filesystem or an in process database with the database filesystem.

The simple JFileServer Docker image is here. You can customize various paths to override with host paths, or provide your own configuration file.

More complex setups can use multiple containers such as when using a server based database system with the database filesystem. In this case JFileServer can be running in one container with the database server running in a separate container.

The PostGreSQL database filesystem JFileServer Docker image is here, with details of how to run using a Docker compose file to start the file server and database server images.

For the current list of available Docker images see https://hub.docker.com/r/filesysorg/

For details of how to configure the Docker images see the FileSys.Org Wiki.

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