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The JFileServer code is split into a number of components to make it easy to include in your own projects. The following components are available with more being added in the near future.

Component Group IdArtifact IdVersionNotesRepository
Core file serverorg.filesysjfileserver1.3.6The main file server classesMaven Central
PostGreSQL database filesystemorg.filesysjfileserver-db-postgres1.3.6PostGreSQL database virtual filesystemMaven Central
Alfresco embedded file serverorg.filesysjfileserver-alfresco-embed1.3.6Alfresco embedded core file server classesMaven Central
Enterprise file serverorg.filesysjfileserver-enterprise1.2.6Enterprise file server with SMB2/

Maven Central components

When using JFileServer components that are available from Maven Central you can simply add them as a dependency in your POM. For example, to use the core JFileServer classes you would add the following into the <dependencies> section :-

        </dependency> Components

To use components that are hosted on the Maven repository you will need to add an entry for the repository as well as the dependency to your POM.

        <!-- JFileServer Enterprise -->
            <name>JFileServer Enterprise Library Maven Repository</name>


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